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Director: Sarah Goodes

Designer: Tracey Grant Lord

Lighting Designer: Niklas Pajanti

Composer : Chris Williams

Design Attachment : Emily Collett

Photos : Jeff Busby


Marta Dusseldorp
Deidre Rubenstein
Greg Stone

Zoe Terakes

by Lucas Hnath

Melbourne Theatre Company August – September 2018

A Dolls House Part 2

"Director Sarah Goodes is by now a master of this kind of intimate psychological warfare, and she directs here with nuance and precision. The actors are uniformly magnificent. Dusseldorp is a star, and she plays the character’s oscillations between doubt and certainty with a kind of giddy perfection."
Time Out
"Director Sarah Goodes continues to prove herself as one of our most assured theatre markers, most especially with work such as this, that exists in a vocabulary of hushed realism that thrums with visceral electricity just beneath the surface."
The Music
"For once, the sequel doesn’t disappoint. Goodes delivers a surefooted production of a smart, sophisticated play, with striking performances that tease out conflicting ideas and emotions around female oppression."

The Age
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