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Director : Sarah Goodes

Designer : Dale Furgeson

Costume Designer : Jonathan Oxlade

Sound Designer and Composer : Chris Williams

Assistant Director : Rachal Chant

Associate Sound Designer : Amy Holley

Photos : Jeff Busby


Robert Menzies, Bessie Holland, Sean Keenan, Glenn Hazeldine, Katherine Tonkin, Esther Hanna ford, Gabriel Fancourt, Rahel Romahn, George Zhao 

by Louis Nowra

Sydney Theatre Company and Melbourne Theatre Company Co-Production Melbourne Theatre Company : 30th April – 8 June 2019

Sydney Theatre Company Season : Season 6 Nov - 14 Dec 2019


"… there’s a timelessness to the themes, and a liveliness to this production, that should win every heart and make audiences proud of Australian theatre, while being entertained, amused and exercised by the profound questions Cosi raises about it."
The Age
"Dare I say, you’d be mad to miss this production of Così, which so effectively conveys the humour and poignancy of an Australian theatre classic."
"Così is a marvellous production of colour and light, nuance and brash boldness."
Stage Noise
"Cosi stands the test of time. It’s classic Australian tragicomedy and its madcap poignancy feels refreshed and revivified in Sarah Goodes’ production."
The Age
"[Sarah Goodes’] direction shines in her love for the characters, who all overcome the stereotypes they begin as."
Time Out Melbourne
"A big hearted play."
"COSI is a heartwarming tribute to theatre while being a timely reminder that love should be more important then prejudice and fear. Sarah Goodes has created a wonderful production that is uplifting, engaging and delightfully mad with good balance of farcical humour and intimate human interaction."
Broadway World
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