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Director : Sarah Goodes

Designer : Renee Mulder

Lighting Designer : Paul Jackson

Sound / Composition : Jethro Woodward

Photos : Jeff Busby


Nikki Shiels
Toby Truslove
Jane Turner
Izabella Yena
Peter Paltos
Susie Youssef

By Laura Wade

Melbourne Theatre Company 2020


"This is an exquisitely wrought production at every level: detailed, poised, gorgeous."
The Australian
"Sarah Goodes’ production sports impressive design. In a nod to Ibsen, the set resembles a monumental doll’s house, with meticulous costuming and cinematic sound design riffing off '50s styles and tropes to augment the period atmosphere and Shiels is a born actor with the same kind of star quality as Nicole Kidman."
Sydney Morning Herald
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