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Director : Sarah Goodes

Designer : Elizabeth Gadsby

Costume Designer and Set Realisation : Jo Brisco

Lighting Designer : Paul Jackson

Composer : Steve Francis

Sound Designer : Danni A Esposito
Photos : Jeff Busby


Catherine McClements

Shiv Palekar

By Adam Rapp

Melbourne Theatre Company 2022


"It is a beautifully paced and ultimately deeply moving play, touching on subjects like loneliness and connection , grief and death with the kind of delicacy of a fine novel."
Time Out
Brining theatre down to its bare bones The Sound Inside takes you on an impactful journey along the paths of a winding relationship between a professor and a student fluidly careening through their story like rapidly turning through the pages of an enthralling novel.
The Music
"The Sound Inside reminds us how theatre can move, intrigue and disturb with little more than words. How a subtle change in the way a gifted actor speaks, looks or moves can create a seismic shift in what the audience thinks or feels. "
Limelight Magazine
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