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Director : Sarah Goodes

Designer : Michael Scott-Mitchell

Lighting Designer : Nick Schlieper

Composer and Sound Designer : Steve Francis

Photo : James Green


Eamon Farren

Sarah Peirse

By Joanna Murray Smith

Sydney Theatre Company 2014 (World Premire)

Melbourne Theatre Company 2016 (Tour)
Auckland Theatre Company NZ 2023


"Joanna Murray-Smith’s new play Switzerland, a gripping psychological thriller about renowned crime writer Patricia Highsmith, creeps up on you and then has you on the edge of your seat."
The Sunday Telegraph
"Murray-Smith’s work has never been darker or more compelling and Sydney Theatre Company’s world premiere production, directed by Sarah Goodes, explores Highsmith’s shadows with sophistication and two outstanding performances."
The Daily Review
"This dark, generously entertaining new play by Joanna Murray-Smith gets the sleek premiere it deserves. Everything about it shouts quality. Something about it whispers "Broadway potential."
Sydney Morning Herald
"The twists in this multi-layered meta-thriller are fascinating"
The Australian
"A big hearted play."
"COSI is a heartwarming tribute to theatre while being a timely reminder that love should be more important then prejudice and fear. Sarah Goodes has created a wonderful production that is uplifting, engaging and delightfully mad with good balance of farcical humour and intimate human interaction."
Broadway World
"It’s scintillating, mesmerising, sexy, and more than a bit heady, as their exchanges become charged with a tangible buzz, a hum of possibility, danger"
Arts Hub
"Sarah Goodes, the new associate director of MTC, directs with complete assurance, comfortable with the wit and the bile, able to hold the audience in suspense without sacrificing emotional honesty or intellectual curiosity."
Time Out Melbourne
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