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By Kylie Coolwell 

Sydney Theatre Company 2015

World Premiere

The genesis of the play came in early 2013, when Playwriting Australia teamed Sarah Goodes with NIDA trained actress, Kylie Coolwell for a week-long workshop as part of their Redfern Salon program. The play was then developed through STC's Rough Draft program, before being programmed as part of STC's 2015 main stage line-up.


Following her acclaimed direction of STC's award-winning production of Switzerland, as well as other new plays including Vere (Faith) and The Splinter, Sarah Goodes has cemented her reputation for collaborating closely with playwrights to bring new Australian work to the stage. For Battle of Waterloo, she is reunited with designer Renée Mulder, with whom she collaborated on The Effect, The Splinter, and Edward Gant's Amazing Feats of Loneliness for STC. - Broadway World

Director : Sarah Goodes
Designer : Renée Mulder
Lighting Designer : Verity Hampson
Composer & Sound Designer : Steve Francis
Photos : Lisa Tomasetti


Luke Carroll
Shareena Clanton
Roxanne McDonald
Billy McPherson
Shari Sebbens
Guy Simon
James Slee 

" Battle of Waterloo is a corker of a first play."
 The Sydney Morning Herald
"Battle of Waterloo, by Kylie Coolwell, is a new Australian play. This is the Indigenous play that I have been waiting for. Ms Coolwell has written a work from the heart of an urban Indigenous community, in the contemporary world of the housing commission buildings of Waterloo, not far from Redfern, set in the thrilling pulse of the everyday and centred on the robust life of an extended family. "
The Blurb
"Director Sarah Goodes has strategically avoided sugar coating any of the scenarios in the script,  keeping us face to face with these sometimes comical, sometimes heartbreaking scenes, they pack an even more powerful punch. "
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