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Director : Sarah Goodes

Set Designer : Michael Hankin

Costume Designer : Emma Vine

Composer : Steve Francis

Sound Designer : Michael Toisuta

Movement Director : Nigel Poulton
Stage Manager : Isabella Kerdijk
Assistant Stage Manager : Keiren Smith


Sheridan Harbridge
Sacha Horler
Lex Marinos
Josh McConville
Kris McQuade
Nikki Shiels

By Alana Valentine

Belvoir Street Theatre 2018


"The Sugar House is passionately constructed, by playwright Valentine and director Sarah Goodes, who establish a soulfulness for the production that forms its irresistible allure. It talks about our community, the forgotten and hidden parts of it, with a refreshing honesty that many will find engaging. "
Suzie Goes See 
"The Sugar House is a gift of theatre; an exploration of who we were, who we are and who we wish we could be. "
Time Out Sydney
"A big hearted play."
"COSI is a heartwarming tribute to theatre while being a timely reminder that love should be more important then prejudice and fear. Sarah Goodes has created a wonderful production that is uplifting, engaging and delightfully mad with good balance of farcical humour and intimate human interaction."
Broadway World
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