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Director : Sarah Goodes

Designer : Harriet Oxley

Lighting designer : Jason Ng Junjie

Composition / Sound Design : Grace Ferguson and Ethan Hunter

Photographer : Jodie Hutchinson



Kat Stewart

David Whiteley 

Emily Goddard

Harvey Zielinsky

By Edward Albee

Transfer to the Comedy Theatre in July 2024

Red Stitch Theatre 2023 


"Director Sarah Goodes who triumphed at Melbourne Theatre Company earlier this year with SUNDAY has worked extensively across the country conducts the blood sports with rigour and precision on this tiny stage. "

The Guardian
"A big hearted play."
"COSI is a heartwarming tribute to theatre while being a timely reminder that love should be more important then prejudice and fear. Sarah Goodes has created a wonderful production that is uplifting, engaging and delightfully mad with good balance of farcical humour and intimate human interaction."
Broadway World
"Direction and design are impeccable"
Lime Light Magazine
"This production deserves to sell out "
The Age
"The direction is wholly original and pitch perfect"
Arts Hub
"The Red Stitch production is superbly executed"
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